Here's the Really BIG Picture -
The 2010 Jamboree Band on the Arena Jumbotron
The director of our Jambo band - imagine if you can -
Was thirty-foot Bill Nelson. He's a giant of a man!

Have you ever seen a trumpter as tall as yonder tree?
Well, we had quite a few down at the Boy Scout Jamboree!

We played bass drums like trampolines - on the side we'd lay one.
Our Sousaphones were awesome big. We had Paul Bunyan play one.

The Scouts who joined our Jambo Band turned tricks you've never tried -
played saxophones sixteen feet tall and almost two feet wide!

We played Stars and Stripes Forever, and John Philip Sousa rose
To hear his grand finale played with eight-foot piccolos!

OK, right, this is not quite Jamboree Band history.
This is the beginning of epic Jamboree Band mythology!
You can tell your grandchildren you were in on it.